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Getting Drunk on Science

Getting Drunk on Science It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks at Drunk Animal Creative Studio, as the entire team has been working all hours to deliver exciting events and installations for […]

Choice and inequality in Modern Education

Modern educational inequality is a complex issue. Decried by many, it remains at large in the British education system despite widespread efforts to bring an end to it. Although educational equality is […]

Why do People Train to Teach?

Why do People Train to Teach? For teacher training providers, this question is pretty fundamental. The answers to it form the basis of every drive to recruit new teachers. While those involved […]

Bringing Experts into Teaching: Opportunities for ITTs

Julius Caesar once said; “Experience is the teacher of all things” The Department for Education seems to be on his wavelength as it looks more and more to welcome experienced professionals and […]

Specialist Teacher Training Marketing: Three Serious Answers for Three Serious Questions

How do you, the client, know that we have what it takes? Drunk Animal has specialised in marketing within the education and teacher training sector for over five years. In that time, […]

British Teacher is Declared ‘The World’s Best’

Andria Zafirakou, an art and textiles teacher from north London, has won a competition to find the world’s best teacher. The prize carried with it a financial reward of $1 million, or […]

Views on Teacher Training Recruitment: Appealing to a Wider Age Group

A focus on attracting older, more experienced professionals to teacher training could prove beneficial for the teaching profession as a whole, according to new Education Secretary, Damian Hinds. Strength through experience and […]

Out With ‘Three Strikes and You’re Out’

There is good news for initial teacher training (ITT) providers and prospective trainee teachers alike; the government has decided to relax the pre-entry numeracy and English skills tests for applicants. Until recently, […]

Views on Teacher Training Recruitment: Uncertainty and Clarity

As a marketing company specialising in the area, we know that now is a tough time for education recruitment. If you work in the area, you may have many views on how […]

A Digital Revolution in Education

The next technical step forward in teaching looks likely to be a digital one. In fact, many teachers whose classrooms have increasingly become home to tablets, VR headsets and touch screen whiteboards […]