Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Tips for a Lucrative Weekend

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Tips for a Lucrative Weekend

With everyone from Amazon and Game, to small retailers and even white-collar businesses getting on board for Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM), physical and digital marketplaces are about to become pretty hectic. To help you cut through the noise and get your brand noticed, below are some tips on how to make your marketing campaigns turn heads and raise smiles.

Amplify your voice, not your volume

Many businesses turn very shouty and a bit basic when it comes to BF and CM, pushing low prices rather than high value. Whilst grabbing a bargain is the foundation of the two events, you’ll retain your integrity and further develop your following by taking this opportunity to unleash campaigns that are also creative, stylish and memorable.

Go big on bundles

From homemade bread and unique creations to famous clothing brands and top-of-the-line electronic devices, you have so many excellent products in stock just waiting to be purchased. As well as offering discount deals, such as £5 off here and 20% reductions there, making bundles grabs attention, shifts multiple items off shelves, and works great as a Christmas gift. For instance, if you sell men’s grooming products, a special offer for buying a beard comb, moustache wax and pomade will result in a trio of products being snapped up while the price is low.

Join forces with like-minded traders

By teaming up with other small and local businesses, your messages will be magnified twofold and upwards. For example, if you’re an independent coffee shop, chat to the family-owned vintage clothing boutique next door to see how you can collaborate. Whether it’s creating displays, sharing special offer combo codes, running an interactive conversation on social media or anything else you can think of, strength in numbers can lead to mutual success.

Party time!

If you have physical premises, make BF a celebration. Play some awesome tunes, offer free cupcakes and branded promo items, maybe even create a theme and get your staff to come to work in fancy dress. Heck, do it for CM too, despite it being an online-based event – thank your customers for visiting in person and remind them why they’ll enjoy returning time and time again.

Give back to the community

You’re reducing your prices, which is great for customers. You’re selling more items, which is great for your tills and cash flow. But why stop there? Encourage people to visit your premises or website during BF and CM by running a charitable campaign, such as 10% of profits going to a local food bank, or donating one minute of your time to a voluntary organisation for every transaction. A little compassion can go a surprisingly long way.

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