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About Us

An independent mobile app developer specializing in apps and games for Android devices.

Founded in 2014, we develop mobile games using our in-house graphics engine that allows for fast and vibrant games on a wide range of phones and tablets.

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Mazuna World

Mazuna World is a challenging 2D platform game for Android with vibrant cartoon-style graphics, hundreds of levels to explore and 5 unique worlds.

Fruits Orchard

Fruits Orchard is a brand new match-3 puzzle game for all the family, featuring dazzling graphics, hundreds of fun & challenging levels.

Treasure Gems

Treasure Gems is a jewel-smashing match-3 puzzle game for Android devices, featuring spectacular graphics, and hundreds of challenging levels.

Bun-Fu: Way of the Rabbit

Bun-Fu: Way of the Rabbit features 30 huge levels in which you play a shuriken-throwing kung-fu rabbit.

Research & Development

If you’re interested in following our progress as we develop a voxel-based block building engine from the ground-up, we’ve started a new series of Developer Logs that will take you through the process as we take our existing graphics engine and optimize it for our next big project – and with any luck, we’ll end up with a finished game.

We’re starting with 4 posts that talk about the fundamentals, optimizing, and terrain generation – and we’ll be posting regular updates as we add more features.

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