Appijo Development

Appijo Development

Our team at Appijo are developing a number of exciting projects and mobile games, including writing a voxel engine from scratch (A voxel is a unit of graphic information that defines a point in three-dimensional space) and this has led to some really exciting developments. One project in particular has evolved from the development of a graphics engine to the development of a brand new game – many of the gameplay elements are starting to come together; building and destroying blocks, player animations, and a working inventory.

The (as-yet untitled) game is still in very early stages, but now offers some basic exploration, which allows us to experiment with some simple building mechanics – although the available block types are still somewhat limited so far. It still feels like a big step-up from our previous posts about generating terrain and rendering chunks!

As far as camera-modes go, we’ve added in a free-camera,  a fixed ‘behind-the-player’ camera, and of course, a first-person mode for an immersive experience. Dragging the screen will turn the camera, and an on-screen D-pad controls the player.

The project is still in the early development stages but the Appijo team is beginning to put together some really interesting features and the proposed scope of the project is big… We’re lookign forward to seeing this one develop over the coming months.

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Appijo is the Android development arm of Drunk Animal Creative Studio.

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