An Elephant Never Forgets…

An Elephant Never Forgets…

An Elephant Never Forgets…

… but a marketing prospect does.

Remember that advert where the advertiser flatly reeled off information about their product?


It’s hardly surprising. What is surprising is that there are still advertisements and whole marketing campaigns that pretty much do just that, with very little creativity. You probably come into contact with them every day, but simply forget about them.

There was a time, long ago when a business could just about get away with listing what their product or service did and get real returns on an advert, but things have changed drastically over the years.

Big changes

For a start, attention spans have shortened, particularly on the internet where an increasing portion of modern marketing takes place. Some studies have shown that the casual browser’s attention span has ebbed to a miniscule eight to ten seconds. So, if you’re still reading this, I’ve done a good job.

Secondly, competition has increased since cigar smoking chaps, like those in Mad Men, controlled the game along with their big business clients. Now every business, across all sectors, is competing for headspace with hundreds of product pushers of all sizes from around the world. This is good for those smaller businesses who have what it takes to stand out, but bad for those who have less of a voice.

Consequently, prospective customers are more demanding, not just in terms of the products they buy, but with respect to the marketing material they pay attention to. These days an advertisement is expected to call out to a customer, grab their attention and deliver a message that really engages them, all in that eight to ten second window.

What it takes to get noticed and be remembered

It takes originality. The kind that hits hard and fast. There’s no point creating an advertisement the likes of which your demographic will have seen a dozen times, and equally fruitless is writing an epic with your product or service at the centre, because no one will get through it.

You need to grab attention, deliver the message and then close. 500-word blogs like the one you’re reading now, or videos of a few minutes, should be the maximum in terms of length, unless you have something very special to say. More frequently, you will have the space of an image, title or jingle to say something worthwhile.

It also takes understanding of your demographic as a group and as individual people. Are you speaking to them on a level that will interest and involve them, combining new information and experiences with ideas and images they will already be familiar with?

More than ever before, it takes visuals to get noticed: images or graphical embellishments that transmit a message quickly or work with the message being conveyed without the viewer having to do too much work. The visual side of a campaign is often what sets effective, high-quality marketing apart from the competition in a prospect’s mind.

For many businesses, what it takes to get noticed and be remembered is Drunk Animal. We work to understand a client’s demographic and then produce original, targeted, visually stimulating material that will result in real returns. To get your brand noticed and remembered, get in touch with us by calling 01482 363 005 or by emailing

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