Alternative Heritage

Hull is a city filled with people... and occasionally those people do things. Some of those things are kind of interesting. Some are pretty funny too. Others are actually quite impressive, and others... well, they’re just weird.

The thing is, we think each of these stories is equally important. They are what makes Hull the city it is today. The weird, the wonderful, the obscure, the fascinating stories and facts that permeate every street and every community in the city are now celebrated through our Alternative Heritage plaques.

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About the plaques

Originating in London in 1866, the famous blue plaque scheme has celebrated the links between notable figures of the past, and the buildings that they lived and worked in, for years.

Since been taking over by the charity in the 80’s, the scheme is now commonly known to be ran by English Heritage, although many similar plaque projects are run by councils, civic societies and organisations. We, however, are champions of Hull heritage and a band of mavericks and creatives.

Official English Heritage plaques can only be commissioned for a proposed recipient 20 years after their death, through strict criteria. What about the living legends and stories that make our city special right now? We set out to design a series of our own plaques, fittingly titled 'Alternative Heritage'.

Our plaques celebrate our history, from Hull’s charismatic folk, to lore spread in playgrounds (or let’s be honest, online!). Whether factual or fictitious, the contents of the plaques come straight from the heart of Hull.

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Behind the scenes

With an armful of bubble wrapped plaques and a drill on hand, we set about installing before dawn for the city to wake up to a trail of blue surprises. Across two weeks we slowly installed our first plaques in locations from East to West. Some are in places historically linked to famous Hullians and events. Others are in small but busy community hubs, that are now the new homes for Hull legends.

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Where are the plaques located?

We've installed a number of Alternative Heritage plaques across the city of Hull, use the interactive map below to find the locations of them all. You can click on the icons for further details about each plaque.

Keep an eye on our social media as well for future updates!

There are currently 24 plaques

Chapel Street

Chapel Street became the victim of the worst parking manoeuvre Hull has ever seen

Hull Daily Mail

Published it’s first paper here and has reported local storys ever since 1885

Poppadom Tower

World Record breaking poppadom tower was created by restaurant Jolsha (both tower and record have since crumbled)


Hull turns from Red & White to Black & White

Hear Ye This!

Local town crier, Michael Wood, proclaimed: Henceforth, each year this same day of April is to be celebrated as Kingston Upon Hull Day. Oyez it is!

Hull was torn

Hull was torn over whether Ronnie Pickering deserved his plaque

Britain's First Police Dogs

Canine legends Jim, Vic, Mick & Ben take down the Pattie-snatching Bandit on Hull Docks

Ronnie Pickering

Became an internet sensation near here from his red Citroen Picasso

John Venn

Mathematician, Philosopher & Anglican priest / Really strong beard game

Drunk Animal

Our band of mavericks and creatives decided to celebrate Hull’s history, whether factual or fictitious...

Dead Bod

Innocent bird is commemorated with iconic graffiti by local skipper Pongo

Everything but the Girl

Ben stops recording new songs for his band, leaving behind Everything but the Girl

Hull Fair

During national riots about the calendar switch, only in Hull were the public cries actually about the fear of losing 11 days of Hull Fair

Tom Piper

Tom Piper got lucky...

Castle Street

Clare nearly died whilst waiting for the green man to finally appear

Paul Heaton

Here told Pat she's a perfect ten (but she wears a twelve)

Hull Dialect

In a Hull dialect triple-whammy, a young lad is overheard saying 'me mam chowed at me for twagging off'

Graham Boanas

Graham Boanas waded across the muddy waters of the Humber from Broomfleet to Whitton

Roland Gift

A girl is reported to have driven Roland Gift crazy...

Chip Spice

Local heroes Rod and Brenda Wilson invented Chip Spice, changing the course of Hull’s history

Pig Man

Rumoured to have raided wheelie bins for centuries, leaving a trail of Frazzle packets behind...

Phantom War

A 'phantom war' was witnessed, filling Hull with the sounds of cannons, muskets and drums

Jean Bishop

Hull’s Bee Lady has raised over £100,000 in the city centre for Age UK


Lee gave a croggy to Sandra, kickstarting a new transportation craze in the city

In the news

BBC Look North recently featured Alternative Heritage and Drunk Animal Creative Studio. Our Creative Director, Calvin Innes sat down and spoke about the idea and took everyone on a walking plaque tour. Check out the feature, below:

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