AI and Marketing

AI and Marketing

This year, we have probably reflected on the ways technology has changed our lives more than ever. Especially as marketeers. For most, we were unexpectedly lifted from our office space and dropped into an unprepared home working space. Just like that. We were naive in thinking that we would “WFH” for two weeks, and look at us now. 

Many companies have now decided that they prefer their employees working from home. It works for them, so why go back to the office unnecessarily? Some are providing their staff with flexible working schedules; a nice mix of social interaction and “office bants”, which is so missed within an environment we thoroughly took advantage of before 2020, and a couple of days at home.  Others (us) could think of nothing worse than working from home forever!

The changes to our working culture have altered things in quite dramatic ways, but the technology we use eliminates a lot of the hassles and headaches that may come with these changes. Businesses have had to be more efficient than ever before; ensuring their employees have everything they need and more to settle into their new normal (Yes, we said it. Such an overused phrase, right?). 

This is where Artificial intelligence comes in. AI has come a long way, with new products constantly being adapted, innovated and developed. Its most dramatic effect on our job today though, lies in adding new features across tools that you’re actually already using. 

Living in it, the change AI makes is hard to notice. It’s like suddenly realising your fashion choices since working from home has actually only consisted of trackie bottoms, fluffy socks and an alright-ish top to make you still look presentable on the countless video calls you encounter throughout the day. 

As quoted by Unbounce, a conversion intelligence tool company; 

 “When marketing meets AI, magic happens. It can feel inevitable – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention”. 

Unbounce  believes that applied Artificial Intelligence is the future of marketing and those who are tuned into the sneaky things it has helped to pull off your plate, will benefit in a significant way. But where can this Artificial Intelligence be found? Here’s just a few examples that we kinda love. 

Product Recommendation and Content Curation 

Amazon and Netflix are making a fortune by pointing people at more things they might want to buy. Customer recommendations are a very small portion of what the likes of these big brands are investing in AI, but it isn’t out of reach for today’s marketers either. Some of the tech is available at a more affordable price and it let’s you deliver product and content recommendations based on the audience, their intents and their interests.

AI-Enhanced PPC campaigns

Google will stick AI almost anywhere. You might notice it more than ever with the latest feature on your familiar friend, Google Meet. Yes, the noise-cancelling feature is AI-based. Who knew?

For the digital marketers out there, one of the most significant cases for  machine learning has been in the behind-the-scenes developments in Google Ads. At first, Google’s Automated Smart Bidding was seen as a small, simple curiosity but it has come on leaps and bounds, making PPC experts rethink how they are spending their time. Gone are the days of manual bid management! 

Artificial Intelligence said;

“You’re welcome.” 

Machine Learning and Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B Testing never seems to get old in the world of conversions. Running these tests takes so much time, traffic and expertise though and for small businesses, who may have limited resources, even just these minimum requirements put optimization out of reach. 

AI can bring amazing things to machine learning and conversion rate optimization – like, making decisions on the fly about what version of a landing page is best for what type of visitor. Mind = Blown. 🤯

AI-Augmented Chatbots 

Take yourself back to pre-coronavirus, to when you needed to make an enquiry with someone at customer services. If you couldn’t get what you wanted by popping into the physical store, you would probably go onto their website to find a phone number. Cue, Chatbot. 

If you’re anything like me, I despise Chatbots. Call me old-fashioned, but I just love real life phone conversations (and not the type where you have to get your pronunciation absolutely perfect to avoid the robot on the other end of the phone saying “Please repeat” for the hundredth time).

Fast forward to present-coronavirus though; everyone is furloughed and no one is manning the phones. Alas! The “humanlike” (note, not actually human) Chatbots are the only option. 

Luckily for us, they’re an ever-evolving, ever-adapting technology and through enhanced natural language processing and sentiment analysis, Chatbots might just become our friends during lockdown and isolation periods after all. No judgement here. 

AI is not perfect. But it’s not just a “hype” either. The relationship between AI and marketing does have a long way to go, but that’s exactly what is so exciting about it. That’s what makes us appreciate it; knowing that there is so much scope for many more epic things that can be developed, enhanced and innovated, for Artificial Intelligence to reach its full potential. And then some. 

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