Adam #2 joins the Animals

Adam #2 joins the Animals

Lover of cheap flights, old man pubs and Sunday roasts, Adam Kerr (or small Adam as we like to call him; Adam #1 being big Adam – make of that what you will😏), is back for his second stint with DA as one of our Designers.

It all started with small Adam downloading Photoshop in High School so that he could create embarrassing images of his mates, and he has never looked back. Deciding not to go to University, Adam taught himself through watching countless YouTube videos, finally getting his big break when he founded the Hull52 project. 

Starting as an in-house designer with Ideal Boilers, Adam pushed the boundaries of boiler advertising as far as it could go. From celebrity endorsements, to national football sponsorships, even turning a bin into a viral sensation too! As ya do.

Over the past few months, Adam has been focusing more on passion projects or just creating fun stuff with his creative pals. He has never felt so enthusiastic about design and so he is pretty buzzing to be joining the DA team on a more permanent basis. 

What he loves most about DA is that no idea is ever too far out of the box. That’s about right, eh?

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