A flexible creative space

A flexible creative space

A business’s home is often a reflection of the business itself, and a launch pad for all of its future plans. That is the mantra that guided Drunk Animal to it’s present location on Princes Dock Street.
The old merchants house, complete with smuggling tunnel access, is a quirky building with a lot of character and a huge amount of scope for creativity. Throw away any images you might have of the stereotypical, sterile office block run through with identical units *yawn*. This office is more than a little bit off centre.

The rooms of the empty building provided a fairly blank canvas for the team to go to town on. Big open spaces with plenty of funky furniture and interesting images mix work with play, oh and there’s a tattoo parlour in the cellar in case anybody wants to get inked. In the front office, we have one of the better views in the city centre, looking out over the increasingly classy Princes Dock Street, complete with Christmas illuminations and Princes Quay in the background. Opposite this is a beautiful art-deco fireplace with inset tiles.
It’s the olde worlde meeting the new wave, and it’s all pretty damn inspiring. If our creativity tanks are running low, we don’t have to look far to get some of that much needed inspiration. As far as we’re concerned this is what a creative office should be like.

It’s all flexible too. There are no claims staked on the computers, desks, breakfast bars and tables, so we can work from wherever is best for us and for our clients. There’s tons of space for team meetings, photo shoots and drawing, painting or printing too … oh, and there’s Adam’s guitar if you fancy a tune. It all means better output that fits around the people we work for as well as us.
That’s just the start though, our Creative Director (and artist in residence) Calvin has a mural planned for the middle room and a mix of his and others’ work will be going on display around the two floors we occupy. We are currently adding a gym for team members to unwind and a funky new kitchen is being added to the mix. We will be finishing everything off to the highest level of DAD&M quality, making our creative hub somewhere that our team and clients can enjoy day in, day out.

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