A Day of Design Heroes…

A Day of Design Heroes…

A huge amount of thought and work goes into designing the things we use every day and outstanding designs appear in just about every place we can imagine. Some of them get well deserved recognition – who hasn’t thought of owning a Ferrari or looked in awe at the Empire State Building? But it’s not all fast cars and tall buildings, there is a lot of beauty to be found in the things we use every day, or at least the things we could use with some minor changes.

You could wake up to the Roberts 250 Radio, whose smooth and simple box design, with a golden mesh front, is as sweet sounding and versatile as the guitar. From the iconic baby blue, to the design patterns that came with the revival of the vintage design, you can have it in every colour; and the new digital version means you can listen to almost anything as well.

Next, how about a fine Italian style coffee in the Bialetti Moka stovetop coffee maker? This is the ultimate in vintage Italian design. Beautiful and utilitarian, with two sharp stainless steel compartments, a plastic handle and very little else, apart from an odd picture of a man in a suit… yet the image says so much, namely “How about a drink?”

Of course, you’ll be going to work in your Ferrari, but that goes without saying. Well, perhaps if you’re not a Billy or Betty Big Bucks, a VW Polo might be more your style, and price range. One of the longest running and best-selling cars on sale today, it’s a behemoth of understatement … ironically.

Work hard at your Klaus Desk and you might just be able to afford that Ferrari. The Klaus is a beautiful updating of the mid century modern office look that has been popular since Mad Men replaced The Office as the inspiration for working cool.

Perhaps at lunch you’ll be sat at a minimal, yet colourful, Series 7 chair as you enjoy Campbell’s Tomato Soup out of the tin Andy Warholl, the king of the banal icon, made famous.

By quarter to whenever you finish, you’ll be clock watching on the SBB Mondaine that hangs in your office. Fortunately, the bold and uncluttered face of this minimalist Swiss clock doesn’t have anything to distract you from getting out of your chair at the exact second you finish. It’s a shame your boss often does.

Home from work, you sit down on your Chesterfield sofa, relaxing on the bright red leather masterpiece and watching TV. Maybe you have a little binge on Friends, where the set designers chose affordable, everyday pieces of furniture with a lot of character to make the set feel real and interesting and made design icons out of much of it in the process.

Dinner time means delving into your space age Smeg fridge-freezer with its smooth and shiny gloss finish to grab a pizza, that most iconic of foods. Then to bed to dream of Ferraris.

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