6 Secrets to Effective Marketing Emails

6 Secrets to Effective Marketing Emails

1: Hit hard with the subject line and preview text

Compare how many marketing emails you’ve read with how many you’ve deleted after only glancing at the sender, subject and preview. An email that instantly grabs the reader with a punchy subject is worth ten Shakespearean masterpieces with a weak top line. You can make it entertaining, funny, useful, but most importantly, you must make it worthwhile reading.

2: … and leave them wanting more

Don’t blow it all in those few lines of subject and preview text, make sure you give your reader a reason to click and expand your email. You might promise some jokes to brighten up their day, ways to improve their work or a story they just can’t click away from.

3: Go beyond the text

All black and white emails just aren’t going to stand out in the crowded inboxes of today, or their owners memories for that matter. If you want to get a message across; you need colour, graphics, style and formatting that make your email easy on the eye, as well as the mind. Individual images are good and full graphic formatting is even better.

4: Ask your prospect for a favour

When someone does you a favour, they will like you more. It’s named the Benjamin Franklin effect after the great inventor who used it extensively. Email marketers can utilise it by asking their readers if they would ‘kindly answer a quick questionnaire’ or simply by telling them ‘you will be doing us a great favour by reading this email’. If done right, it results in increased engagement with the email and a more positive view of the brand.

5: Keep it short and simple

Calling this a secret is a bit of a stretch. In fact, it’s probably the oldest and best-known marketing platitude there is. Having said that, it’s amazing how often marketing emails waffle on without successfully articulating their message. The overall point doesn’t have to be the sale, it might be a nugget of information or an offer, but for god’s sake, say it! Remember, your prospects, and therefore you, probably don’t have a lot of time.

Try taking it to the extreme and using only a handful of words. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results, as others have been in the past.

6: Be a friend

Don’t stand on ceremony, address the email recipients by their first name. Wish them well. Refer to yourself as I, or we, not The Big Megacompany Inc. and always remember to thank them for their time.

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