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December 2018

Christmas Edition: Top Marketing Campaigns of 2018

We wanted to say farewell to 2018 with a bang, here are our top marketing campaigns of 2018. Some will make you laugh, cry or awkward. One thing is for sure, they […]

A Year of Turtles, TED Talks and Automatons

It’s been an incredible year here at Drunk Animal Creative Studio, filled with massive milestones and awesome developments. Celebrating our fifth year of business, we’ve invested in a comprehensive rebrand, extensive development […]

The Power of the Podcast and Why You Should Host One

Podcasts have only been in existence since 2007, yet their growth in popularity and range is mighty impressive. As of December 2018, there are 630,000 active podcasts that discuss everything from music […]

Top 10 Christmas Ads of 2018

This blog post requires very little introduction, so let’s dive right in and take a look at 10 awesome Christmas ads that have brought some magic to our screens this year. Aldi […]

Creative Networking for the 21st Century

Everyone knows that networking is an important part of growing a business, yet most of us don’t go to as many sessions as we should. This is understandable, as there are always […]

Hull Named 3rd Most Improved City to Live and Work

Despite being friendly, forward-thinking and a hub of creative ideas, Hull suffered from a bad rap for decades. Our city was considered everything from dull and dilapidated to dirty and depressing, usually […]

Christmas Edition: Hull Maritime project 6 views

On this week’s marketing video, we get comfy and in the Christmas spirit, ready to discuss how Hull’s recognition as Yorkshire’s official maritime city. We also mention some interesting social media personalization […]

Marketing, it’s all about people.

I set up Drunk Animal with one aim… to develop interesting, exciting and engaging projects. In the beginning, I wasn’t particularly worried about what market these projects would fit into, or how […]

We’re On Course to Becoming Yorkshire’s Maritime City

With centuries of maritime history that ranges from whalers hunting for oil and blubber, to trawlermen catching delicious fish in their nets and Big Lil Bilocca starting national revolutions, Hull is finally […]