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November 2018

#BlackFriday and #CyberMonday Tips for your business!

It’s #blackfriday and #cybermonday weekend! THE biggest shopping weekend and the start of the #Christmas shopping season. In this video, we discuss the commercial craze and how you can promote and market […]

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Tips for a Lucrative Weekend

With everyone from Amazon and Game, to small retailers and even white-collar businesses getting on board for Black Friday (BF) and Cyber Monday (CM), physical and digital marketplaces are about to become […]

Making Waves at TEDxHull

Calvin Innes, our CEO and Creative Director, has always been a huge fan of TED Talks. For years he’s watched as many as he can, with speakers based in every sector and […]

Celebrate Male Wellbeing on International Men’s Day

Today is International Men’s Day, a worldwide event that shines the spotlight on men who make a positive difference whilst highlighting issues faced by the hairier sex. It’s an opportunity to celebrate […]

How to hashtag #LikeAGirl

In this video, we analyze Always’ #likeagirl campaign, break down what they did and what was the result of it. The storytelling behind this campaign was really impactful and created a conversation […]

The Land of the Rising Sun (and Amazing Design)

Our copywriter, Rich, recently took a trip to Tokyo, a city where high-powered businesspeople rub shoulders with hardcore cosplayers until the early hours. Staying at the Granbell Hotel in the vibrant Shinjuku […]

Japanese Marketing

In our recently launched #marketing video series, Animal Instinct, we share our marketing expertise on topics ranging from #hashtags to #storytelling techniques. This particular week, we decided to go east…way east! We […]

What the Fawkes? Top Bonfire Night Awareness Campaigns

Remember, remember, the fifth of November,  The gunpowder treason and plot;  I know of no reason why gunpowder treason  Should ever be forgot. Chances are you’ve heard the rhyme, at the very least […]